Sunday, October 14, 2007

Valentino Spring/Summer 2008 Backstage

Valentino Spring/Summer 2008 Backstage

Look at that chest. Amazing! Now, try to imagine what that gold Valentino dress would look like on a woman with a full bust. Think 34C or 36C.

Olga Sherer, Valentino Spring/Summer 2008, Backstage

Olga Sherer, Valentino Spring/Summer 2008, Backstage

Source: Catwalking


NoƩmi said...

Yeah right...and women with full bust aren't women any more, because they don't fit in these dresses designed for extremely flat bodies?

By the way, Olga Scherer is beautiful.

Markert Laci said...

disgusting. it's a man. a woman has boobies!

Anonymous said...

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chgrisu said...

even if she looks extremely flat - she is georgous and looks sexy

she has the perfect body for all kind of dresses

skinnyfish said...

She is a Topmodel and has to be skinny. She is one of the most booked models of the day ...

And it's better to be flat chested than silicon-boobs.

The dress is very beautiful and she too. I love her face.

TanyaDumoulin said...

way too skinny!its diskusting!

TanyaDumoulin said...
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Jas said...

i think she si really pretty, but in real life all woman that are so flat wish they had some boobies